Sunday, 7 April 2013

Ongoing - Pictures from Oedipus Offstage

Oedipus Offstage's rehearsals are not ordinary rehearsals. And if you don't believe me, just take a look at the following pictures.
In the last few days, the cast has organized a couple of long-form improvisations to work on character interaction and get some material for the script. On Wednesday, the family gathered together to enjoy a nice dinner and taste some delicious foreign food (American, mostly, plus some Athenian wine) while on Saturday the ruling couple decided to take the children and some servants for a picnic, after which they headed to Teviot's tavern in order to watch the Grand National.

The royal family (less Antigone, who was indisposed)
having an exotic banquet.
The service, absconding from their obligations.
Everything has its right place, or so Eteocles thinks.
Not everyday one can enjoy a sunny picnic in Thebes.
"Sitting in the Sun,
Your Love hits me like a gun.
With you I have lots of fun.
Please don't become a nun."
by Haemon, Son of Creon
Oedipus looks distressed.
Jocasta looks like a teapot in that hat.
The bread looks oppressed.

Also, be prepared for soon we'll be announcing an Extraordinary General Meeting to vote on our new Workshops Coordinator.

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