The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz - April 2012

L. Frank Baum's beloved masterpiece brought to life onstage in a brand new adaptation by Relief Theatre.

Delight at young Dorothy Gale's journey through the marvellous land of Oz as she meets the inhabitants of this strange new country and tries to find her way home. Suitable for children and adults of all ages!


Director - Rory Kelly
Assistant Director - Charlotte Hodge
Stage Manager - Clara Mills
Technical Manager - Bryn Jones
Producers - Tom Turner & Katy McCalister

Dorothy - Rebecca Leary
Toto - Timothy Beyer
Scarecrow - Briana Dawson-Sadler
Tin Man - James Beagon
Cowardly Lion - Jaroslav Fowkes
The Wizard of Oz / the Kalidah- Rik Hart
The Wicked Witch of the West - Hannah Taub
The Good Witch of the North / Cat - Bonnie Aspinwall
Glinda / Aunt Em / Benina - Leyla Doany
Toady / Uncle Henry - Joe Shaw
The Spider / Boq - Daniel Orejon
Ginger - Rachel Bussom
Amy - Kristen Banaszak


TWWOO's cast being all sexy.

One of many sessions of Ninjas.

♪ Somewhere over the rainbow...