Saturday, 24 August 2013

Opportunities - Upcoming Shorts & Bloomers

Wake up Reliefators!

The summer's coming to a close, and whether this makes you giddy with joy at returning to a full year of theatre, or crushed by sadness that the vacation is ending, we have some happy news for you. 
There are two Shorts and Bloomers happening at the beginning of this academic year!
The first will take place at Bedlam Theatre as part of our friends', the EUTC, Freshers' Week Festival. It is from 5:15pm-6:15pm on Friday 13 September. This will be a sort of demonstration of what Shorts and Bloomers is about, and will be a jam packed hour of fun.

The second will be in the Cabaret Bar at Pleasance on the 20th of September, from around 7.30.

Shorts and Bloomers is a sort of scratch night we do in collaboration with Theatre Paradok, where anyone can try out a performance of any kind they have been working on.

Let us know if you fancy performing, or need help getting an idea into physical form! As always, you can contact us at!

Looking forward to seeing everyone once more!

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